Wednesday, August 21, 2013

She's Back....and I Have SO Much to Tell You All.....

June 2011? Seriously? That was the last time I posted something to my Blog? Ok.... well, today has to be the day I finally fix that!

Fix? I have to Edit. Yep....EDIT! I said I would never, ever edit. But I was looking back two years and I had a couple of issues with my last post titled "The Fight Club," dated June 8, 2011. Number one, Lance Armstrong is a total sham! I refused to keep the picture of the bracelet with the name of his former Foundation as the header for my Blog post.

In fact, when his whole scandal hit, I tore my bracelet off in a rage thinking about him, and how he was now in the ugly category with all the other famous people who are hyprocrites, shams, ....just big ole loser farces...such as a particular former leader of our nation, other political figure heads, more beloved & talented athletes, celebrities, and so forth. I had a collection of those bracelets I threw into the trash, and also had to clean up the Blog post I'd written where I'd used the name of his former Foundation, and spoke of wearing those bracelets during loved ones earlier fights with Cancer. I had to erase the connection. Even though I did wear those bracelets, I will no longer wear them or have my name or Blog have any connection, whatsoever, with that whole ugly scandal. Therefore, I felt I had to edit out the photo and all my references to the bracelet and it's name.

Another issue I have now, is I am reminded of how I try to be a family friendly Blogger. Back when I wrote the original Blog entry, as some of you may understand, (and if you don't, that's ok too)....I was obviously quite shaken by the news of my husbands recent CLL diagnosis. That frame of mind left me without all my sensibilities in tact, and I was screaming through my writing, crying through my typed words, and not all of them were representative of the language I use in my normal everyday life.

However, I was quoting what I thought was a wonderful (& cute, if you will), story about another family's struggle with Cancer, and how two sister's coped through the posting of little notes on each other's cars as they traded shifts at the hospital caring for their dearly loved Mother... at the time undergoing Cancer treatment (Shawna's Mom Pat, the one who miraculously BEAT CANCER, from my 6/08/2011 post).

I wanted to get into my Blog and just edit the language by putting in symbols so the Four Letter "F" words I'd typed were not completely spelled out. I still wanted them there to be true to Shawna and her sister, and the notes they left on each other's cars as this was the whole start of my story that day. These are people who love deeply, and were doing something for each other, to uplift and try to help each other stay positive through what the Doctors had told them was the end of the line for their Mother. In a time such as this, words, language, all of that is meaningless to you. I have been there. All you care about is finding a way to keep your loved one alive. Profranity and/or swearing often comes easily, or surprisingly.... to those who don't typically use this in their normal everyday speaking. Lots of surprising things happen to you when someone you love deeply is thrown into the Ring. I know. I've been there a few times.

"Thank you God for being all knowing, and reminding us Doctors are human, and prone to error. Thank you for Pat, and her miraculous recovery. She is here today, loving life, her family and those two sisters continue to be thankful to you for your guidance with her health care and their lives, because she is here with them. Thank you also for your Abba Patare love, that unconditional Father love. I matter how far down I fall, or how poorly I do in life, you are still there, waiting to pick me up and LOVE me, no matter what!"